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DistDef - Distributed Ammunition Manufacturing PDF Pack

With the federal civil government buying up billions of rounds of ammunition from current manufacturers, there has been of late a great shortage of ammunition. Even the Government Accounting Office has recognized this shortage (see Government Report - More Ammunition Manufacturing Capability is Needed -- GAO d05687 PDF included in the pack).

No worries. There are many skilled underemployed Americans (and people around the world as well) capable of implementing the 140 year old technologies used to manufacture ammunition. A distributed network of individuals, each capable of making the individual components (cases, primers, jackets, etc.), should easily be able to tool up and meet the market's demands. There have long been users around with the proper tools and dies for assembling complete small arms ammunition from these components. Problem solved.

Many thanks to the diverse people who have made this valuable literature available for preservation and distribution.

The term DistDef is used here as a generic acronym. There is no direct connection to the wonderfully creative DistDef website people.

Download and distribute the 276Mb ZIP pack below. A video series is also in the works - helpful for those less familiar with the manufacturing techniques.

Within this package are also related intellectual curiosities for the idle, such as descriptions of how the early Americans were able to make gunpowder from pig pen soil and ashes, etc.!


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